Being green at home

The more I transition into a zero-waste life, the more I forget how I started. Looking back, my family has always been able to juggle our waste, mum would have the composter, and dad took care of the yellow bin. It was only when I moved out and conducted my own bin audit, that I… Continue reading Being green at home

Quick reference CSS sources

Animate.css Great quick resource to refer back to if you wanna view animations. Hover.css Hover is another quick useful resource that’s great to have bookmarked    

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What it’s like to study Web Dev with a FT job

To study online it requires time management skills and consistency. Something that I don’t really have 😂 I often found myself procrastinating by reorganizing my files and folders. As a visual learner, I really enjoyed the classroom aspect of learning so I wanted to take classes face-to-face. However, I just landed a full-time job that… Continue reading What it’s like to study Web Dev with a FT job