Why a blog for me

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Because ideas need a home

Have you ever just walked around all day with these rambling ideas in your head and no where to put them? Sure, you could have a diary or a paper trail of them with no one to freely read, or you could set up a web blog. I did the later.

I found myself wondering around my house with all these philosophies that could make me the next Leonardo da Vinci with all his notes as works of art in themselves, alas in reality they will stay in my mind until I have found a home to put them.

This blog is to put these ideas out there.

I’m resetting my life goals to be:

  1. One drawing a day
  2. A weekly blog post

But what is the content going to be?

I’m studying a Diploma in Web Development so there will be posts about my work or projects.

I’m about to enter the Design industry as a Junior Designer – a job that I’m preparing for. I can’t wait to share my challenges and successes.

I run Mood : Food on the side. It hasn’t gotten much traction but I hope to continue with it as a project because I genuinely enjoy the idea and it was my major work for my Bachelor of Graphic Design.

So check back here weekly and see what’s new. I also love to chat and share ideas so let’s get in touch.

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