1. Overview


About the project

The overall goal of this project is to create a website for Nathan. So his visitors get to know him better, get in contact, learn new things from his blog posts and see his work: photos, web code or design. Accessibility is a huge must for Nathan as his brother has Cerebral Palsy and uses a program called Jaws which reads the code of a webpage. This means images must have correct alt attributes and names.

It’s important for Nathan’s visitors to see him as trustworthy so avoiding “hype” on a website is a must. There will be no advertising and the blog posts to be hosted locally rather than through WordPress.

Nathan’s overall mood or theme would be a person with a sense of adventure and thinks a little differently

Business Requirements

The business requirements for Nathans website would include content, a function and the way Nathans’ brand is presented.

The content would include about Nathan, contact details and a work area that shows his personal portfolio of photography (images), blog posts (php coding page), web code and designs.

The function of the website is display his work and blog post entries in an online presence with a way of being contacted. It should all look authentic and trustworthy.

Nathan already has a brand with a logo. Since it’s a personal website it would be okay with the clients approval to slightly change/recolour the logo if need be.

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