2. Approach

Courtesy of https://www.infinitydma.com/our-approach/

To develop this website, I’m going to use the User Centered Design approach. This means I will design the website around who Nathan is but also cater behind-the-scenes with high accessibility for handicapped people. This mean ensuring the alt attributes are correctly placed and filled out. I will keep Nathans needs in mind while I design the information architecture to reflect and answer the questions and thoughts of the user.

Nathans brother uses JAWS – Job Access With Speech. A program that reads code. The best way to ensure my website is legible is downloading this program and test the website with the program to ensure it’s being read correctly.

Once I’ve set up the HTML correctly I can also send small surveys to my friends also in the Web Design industry with objectives for them to complete. I can use the data collected from these surveys as mini milestones and as new goals or objectives to be established or fixed.

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