4. Scope

Content Requirements

From researching, I have found to keep the website to 3 pages. The information the user wishes to look for is: Who is Nathan? What does he do? By having the blogs, it creates a more trustworthy (as per 1. Overview: Business Requirements) appeal to the user as it creates a constant online presence for Nathan.

  • About Page (Possible Homepage)
  • Nathan has already provided information about himself, personal information such as age, name, occupation etc.
  •  Portfolio
    • Images photographed by Nathan and received, to be put into a gallery
  • Blog Page
    • Nathan will provide information for the blog posts.

Nathan has already provided his logo.

Technical Requirements

  • The website will be built through concept of progressive enhancement. “It’s a strategy that emphasizes semantic HTML markup, accessibility an external stylesheet and scripting technologies. It uses the layered fashion that allows everyone to access the basic content and functionality of a web page, on any browser or connection type while also providing those with better bandwidth or advanced browser software an enhanced version of the page.” Australis, 2018
  • This means building in layers, so if one layer fails the content can still be available. (HTML as the base content layer first, CSS as a design or presentational layer second and Javascript as a behavioural or interactive layer last)

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