6. Interface & Visual Design

My visual designs are AAA friendly with the contrast ratio of 7.97:1. Colours were chosen with accessibility first. I wanted to achieve similar feel from Seans website, but keep scripting as the main focus seeing how that’s what Nathan talks about the most.

My layout choice was to keep information in sections for easier reading and faster reading. I designed for mobile first so even in SEO rankings, Google will not deduct ranking points.

Colour scheme

Blue: #BDE8FF
Light Blue: #DDF6FF
Grey: #1A1A1A
Light Grey: #404040


Bahnschrift for general copy.
Marydale for headings.


Mobile works on a 4 column grid.
Desktop uses a 12 column grid.



Nathan’s logo didn’t reflect his profession in a strong way. I found by just using a hand-written font and di

splay his full name, it hones in more towards his profession as a script writer.


Nathan is a script-writer, to me that means pens, inks, sketches, scribbles, paper. So, using illustrator, I’ve sketched up some images that matches Nathan’s profession to create a unique experience
In the appendix are the screenshots of the website I want to build for Nathan.

Visual Design Images

Results of site testing & validation

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