7. Site Development 8. Conclusions

Onedrive link to completed .zip website

To started coding the website with the index.html file first. Made sure the navigation at the top and the footer were complete, and the body had semantic html5 markup so it can be understood by browsers. Next I copied it 3 more times, and adjusted the body copy for each webpage to display the different content. I ran it through the w3 validator where I found my navigational list (which had an image in it) did not have an alt=””. I cleared this up and each page returned with no errors or warnings to show.

After feedback with my teacher, the logo element was able to be positioned separately from the nav. However, I ran into the issue of the other two pages not displaying the full width of the content and being stuck at viewing width of around 300-400px. So I made the decision to keep with my first go at it.


What I learnt is that making a website in adobe Xd and then coding it shows my lack of coding knowledge verses what I can design visually. I have much to learn – a whole new language about programming.

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