Studying online with a full-time job

It requires serious time management skills and hard work. I just spent the last few hours reorganizing my files and folders to resemble some sort of course structure like a textbook.

I’m learning a Diploma of Website Development with Australis College. I knew I’m a visual learner, and I really enjoy the classroom aspect of learning. However, I just landed a full-time job so soon after I completed a Bachelor in Graphic Design that I wanted to compromise and continue to study for the benefit of my own education. So I pursued an online learning environment.

I substituted my free time to take up learning about websites, project management and the functionalities that make it all work. I’m just under half way through on a part-time pace with about a year to go.

You will get lots of files and you will need an file system.

I made the mistake of getting serious about my file structure a bit too late in. You can organise your files by how you receive them. Modules, exercises etc. You can also use Evernote to help you get by.

I still haven’t found the perfect program to take notes

I have notes as .txt, or word documents. Heck, there’s paper notes I’ve started making too. I’ve fiddled with Evernote and tried the Premium. I didn’t find any notice in productivity. However, when doing the quizzes I did find their search engine to be quick compared to flicking through my files. It was easy to snap pages and save them in my Evernote.

Balance is key

Make sure you only take what you can handle. Right now I put my full-time job first before my studies. It provides me income and a means to further my knowledge in my studied industry. However, if I was in a job where it didn’t benefit me or my skillset, I would be putting studies first so I can land that job that’s in the open doorway.

Temptation is real

I use my gaming computer to do my studies on and every so often I will boot up Overwatch (a beloved game of mine) to burn some time or procrastinate. Problem is, sometimes I overindulge a bit too much. To control this, I get my Surface Pro 4 and sit on my bean bag outside with a drink.

When you’re considering studying online and in your own time, be sure to have ways to escape temptation so you give yourself the full benefit of what you’re paying for.

It’s still a debt

You are paying for it, whether it be HECs, HELP, Vet Loans, Cash or your parents fund. Keep that in mind to stay motivated. It’s something you’re willing to put a price tag on, to buy, so you can gain this skill. It could be a stepping stone to your dream job, or it could be your dream job. This course means something to you and that’s why you chose it. Take full advantage of your educational resources.

  • If you’re considering online courses, make sure you weigh up everything.
  • If you’re in an online course, stay strong. There is an end.
  • If you’ve just finished one, my man!

Final tips:

If you’re still not understanding the material, do talk to your lecturers. They may seem distant because it’s online, but they are there to help you.


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